Operations, Management, and Improvements


Professional management reduces costs, benefits the tenants, and increases value to the property. At Landon Capital Group, we take management very seriously. Addressing tenant complaints fast, advertising our vacancies, tenant screening, and addressing deferred maintenance, we are able to increase our profits in the long term. 

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Due Diligence

Before purchasing a park, we go through an extensive due-diligence checklist. This ranges from verifying lot rents in the surrounding area and coordinating with local government to inspecting the sewer lines. We try our best to ensure that no stones are left unturned 

A group of men moving a house on the street.

Infilling vacanies

Infilling a part takes a lot of work. It requires coordination between manufacturers, lenders, movers, and set up crews. Our team specializes in infill which a lot of community owners can not do without the right team. Our goal is to get our communities to full occupancy to get the maximum benefit during the refi process.

Rent Increases

By staggering rent increases, we are able to bring rents up to market while also not straining the tenant. The tenant is your partner in real estate, so it is important you work together.


By offshoring non-sensitive management duties like leasing, vendor management, advertising and tenant complaints to Latin America. We save money on office space, insurance, payroll taxes, and HR costs.

Buying Upside

We like to buy the worst park in the best neighborhood. Once the repairs are made and vacancies infilled, the upside in rent makes it unmatched to other real estate investments.

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LCG Communities is the property management branch of Landon Capital Group. Any on-site or regional managers are employed by LCG Communities, which reduces liability risk.

LCG Communities has several managers working in multiple time zones to make sure tenant issues and maintenance requests are handled quickly.

You can visit LCG Communities HERE