A row of mobile homes in the middle of nowhere.

Low Costs, High Returns

With most mobile home parks, we lease the land while the tenant owns the home they live in.

This allows for decreased maintenance, insurance, tax, and other expenses compared to other real estate like apartments or single-family homes.

A mobile home with a large driveway and trees.

Abundant Market Inefficiencies

Mobile home park market inefficiencies present investors with opportunities for high returns. Most mobile home parks are mom and pop led, which leads to pricing disparities and low competition. By addressing these inefficiencies, investors can take advantage of this unique investment opportunity, yielding a high return.

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Bonus Depreciation

Under the 2017 tax law, investors can expect to receive around 50% of their initial investment in bonus depreciation in year 1. This also carries over until it is completely used up.

A view of a residential area with many homes.

Market Resiliency

During economic downturns, people downsize and mobile home rental demand increases.

In expanding economies, park owners can raise rents and increase returns. Mobile home parks offer a unique opportunity for long-term growth in a thriving market. 

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Consistent Tenants

The average turnover for a tenant in a mobile home park is 5-7 years, compared to 1 year for apartments.

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Big upside... with the right team

When done right, mobile home parks are the most profitable sector of real estate. We have an incredible team of property managers, operations managers, and number crunchers that make sure every investor gets the best returns possible.